"When you go into Court,
you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people
who weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty!"

-- Norm Crosby

Our vision at EMI is to present a positive dispute resolution environment which is non-confrontational and supportive of the parties and their desires to achieve their objectives.

Mediations are conducted in a balanced and fair atmosphere, arriving at a settlement which the parties ultimately design for themselves. 

EMI's industry experts provide guidance, which the parties can live with, long-term, while they get on with their other important business dealings.

EMI Mediation provides a confidential, cost-effective means to resolve disputes.

EMI's mediators are government and industry professionals with extensive experience in negotiations and developing creative solutions to disputes.

Opening a case is as easy as clicking on the link above.  EMI will take it from there!

The Enterprise Mediation Institute is dedicated to assist parties to resolve conflicts confidentially. 

We provide expert and insightful mediation, with creative alternatives to dispute resolution, which the parties may not have even considered or did not want to put forward themselves.

James S. Mulholland, Esq.

Chairman and Managing Director



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